The vision of the Sanstha is to provide Quality and Value Based Engineering Education to the talented youths of Vidarbha region in order to shape to their dreams and aspirations of becoming professional graduates.
This will not only help the students of the region but will also enhance the economic and cultural growth of the society in the region .



The Sanstha is committed to provide state of the art infrastructure in terms of land, buildings, competent and learned faculty, modernized equipments, computing facilities, adequate books and periodicals, internet facility to all along with all amenities and staff in the campuses.
The Sanstha aims at providing highly skilled, scholarly and competent professional for solving problems of industries, public sector undertakings etc. through sponsored projects, consultancy assignments and technical extension services offered by National and international Technical Societies world over.
• To establish and nurture the institution to become centers of excellence.
• To impart holistic training for development of right kind of attitude, knowledge and skills.
• To imbibe in the students, basic human values in order to help them, develop individually.
• To provide education at responsible expenditure, affordable for middleclass population.
• To provide up to date and trained professionals to industries who will don the mantle entrepreneurs and will lead their company successfully.