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Web Designing

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1st Prize Rs. 1500/-
2nd Prize Rs. 1000/-

Eligibility Criteria:

The contest is open for B.E/B. Tech and Polytechnic level students.

General Guideline:

1. Mobile phone strictly prohibited
2. Use of internet is prohibited

Venue: DBMS lab and Web Tech lab. 1st Floor

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Rules & Regulations

  • Languages: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript.
  • Editor: VS Code (Visual Studio Code)
  • Browser: Firefox.
  • 10 images will provide to participant and they have to use that image throughout the website.
  • Only Frontend Is allowed.
  • Internet connection and Mobile phones are strictly prohibited.
  • Same Frontend’s should be disqualified.
  • Bootstrap is strictly prohibited.
  • Ensure that submission does not use any copyright © material or any logo without permission.
  • Point distributed on Responsiveness, Dynamic Web Page and Efficient coding (Essential Comments).
  • Any Dispute should be disqualified else contact orbiter.
  • Pretest will be conducted in MCQ format, you have to clear that test then only you appear for next round.
  • Timing for Round 1:- 2:30 Hrs.

Faculty coordinator:
  • Prof. Kalyani S Zanwar -8983684709

  • Student coordinator:
  • Shyam R Wasankar -9503872129
  • Nayan J Dhongadi -8888012920
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