Name of Faculty Amit S. Kakad
Designation HOD & Academic Co-ordinator img2
Qualification B.E. (E.N.T.C), M.E.(D.E.),MBA (Marketing)
Area of Specialization Digital Electronics
Experience 12 Years
Publications 08 International
Contact No. 8888919191
Name of Faculty Dr. P. M. Hasabnis
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification MCA, Ph.D.(CSE)
Area of Specialization Artificial Intelligence & Intelligent Systems
Experience 10 Years
Publications 07 International Journal,1 International Conference,04 National Conference
Email ID prasanna.hasabnis23@gmail.com
Name of Faculty Prof. Kalyani S. Zanwar
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification BE(IT), MTech (CSE)
Area of Specialization Cryptography, OOP, Computer Graphics
Experience 4.6 Years
Publications 03 International Journal,01 International Conference,01 National Conference
Email ID kalyani12hatwar@gmail.com
Name of Faculty Prof. Rahul M. Bhutada
Designation Assistant Professor Jayashri%20Mule
Qualification B.E(CSE), M.E(CE)
Area of Specialization Digital Forensics, Java, DBMS
Experience 4 Years
Publications 02 International
Email ID bhutadarahul123@gmail.com
Name of Faculty Prof. Juned Shaikh
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification B.E.(CSE), M.E.(CE), MBA (Pursuing)
Area of Specialization Java, DBMS
Experience Teaching 2 Years, Industrial 2 Years
Publications 02 National, 01 International, 01 Conference
Email ID juned44@gmail.com
Name of Faculty Prof. Swati Arjun Yadgire
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification B.E(CSE), M.E(CSE)
Area of Specialization Java
Experience 3 Years
Publications 01 International
Email ID swatiyadgire23@gmail.com
Name of Faculty Prof. Vaishnavi Bakal
Designation Assistant Professor Swati%20Shinde
Qualification M.Sc. (CS)
Area of Specialization CP
Experience 1 Year
Email ID vaishnavibakal76@gmail.com
Name of Faculty Prof. Akshay S Suryawanshi
Designation Assistant Professor Swati%20Shinde
Qualification DE (IT), B.E(IT)
Area of Specialization Computer Networking, Cloud Computing
Experience 01 Year
Publications --
Email ID akshaysuryawanshi7007@gmail.com