The Institute has established a Facility Management Cell (FMC) for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities.


Objectives of the FMC:

1. To coordinate the maintenance activities of the college,

2. To facilitate to arrange and supply required physical resources, and

3. To ensure proper and optimum utilization of physical resources.


Major Functions of FMC:

1. Prepare and maintain routine checklist and preventive maintenance schedule.

2. Perform routine check and preventive maintenance as scheduled.

3. Emergency maintenance shall be coordinated and the report be sent to Monitoring Authority.

4.AMC shall be maintained for any equipment/facility, if required. Coordinate maintenance activities with the third party under AMC and submit report to Principal.

5. Calibration of laboratory equipment if required.

6. Monthly and Annual consolidated report of the maintenance undertaken shall be submitted to Principal.

7.Preparing annual budget for the maintenance of academic and physical support facilities.

8.Develop mechanism to ensure proper and optimum utilization of all physical resources. Prepare yearly utilization report of the major facilities and submit to Principal.

9.Reduce annual expenditure against repair/damages/replacement of physical facilities/equipment through preventive maintenance activities.


Sections of FMC:

1. Computer maintenance

2. Building Maintenance

3. Electrical Maintenance

4. Water Supply and Management

5. Academic Support facilities

6. Landscaping and Ground Maintenance


Utilization and Maintenance of Academic Facilities- Class rooms, Laboratory, and Library:

• Provision of funds for the maintenance of the laboratories and the classrooms is made. The records of all the equipments are maintained in stock registers.

• Every semester, laboratory equipments are checked, calibrated and preventive maintenance is done by the laboratory staff. However, major maintenance of any equipment or machinery, is done by external party.

• Non-teaching staff regularly carry out maintenance and cleaning of the classrooms and the laboratories

• A Library committee having representation from each department oversees the utilization and augmentation of the library contents.


Utilization and Maintenance of Computers:

All the computers located at different places like, laboratories, library office, departments etc. are maintained and upgraded by a team of System Administrator and associates by keeping a log of the status of the computers. The central computing laboratory is kept open for the students as per their requirements. System administrator maintains and updates the institute website regularly.


Maintenance of Physical and Support facilities: Preventive maintenance and monitoring of the power backup facility like diesel generator, solar plant and RO-water plant is done by the electricians and other staff of the institute. However, for major maintenance /breakdown external party is called.


Maintenance of CCTVs installed at various locations is outsourced. Log of daily electrical maintenance of all the electrical fittings, UPS, etc. and plumbing related work is maintained by the electrician and plumber of the institute.


All the sports facilities are maintained by non-teaching staff of the institute under the supervision of full time Sports director. Library and laboratories are regularly given Pest control or anti-termite treatment. The institute garden and trees are maintained by the gardeners of the institute. Daily cleaning of toilet blocks and wash rooms is done by the team of sanitation staff members.

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