Induction Program for B.E. First Year Students



Two days induction program was held at Mauli College of Engineering and Technology, Shegaon. The main purpose of this program was to encourage and make students aware about Engineering Profession. In the two days program different sessions and activities were taken. The guest speakers were from the college and from outside the college. On first day of the induction program different activities were held in which first activity was Introduction to First Year which was taken by Prof. G. V. Chavhan (HOD ASH). The Second Session was “Know your college” followed by the Motivational Session which was conducted by Principal Dr. C. M. Jadhao. Awareness Session about various Scholarship Scheme was conducted by Prof. M. M. Tayade. Introduction to Library was taken by Mrs. Shubhangini Akotkar. Exam rules and regulations session was conducted by Prof. S.S.Mhaske. Mr. Nilkanth Wankhade held the session on job opportunities abroad for engineers. Then industry expert session was conducted by Mr. Santosh Deshmukh. On second day of induction program Yoga session was held in morning by Mr. Chaturbhuj Mitkari (Patanjali Yog Kendra shegaon). Then Ocean of globalization, sail with skills was conducted by Dr. Smita Tarale. Then training and placement activities taken by Mr Tushar Badhe. Mr Sagar Anasane held session on personality development. After break many session were conducted like Essential life skills for engineers, Introduction to ERP, Academic regulations, NSS Sports student chapter, visit to all department and central facilities. And lastly feedback session was arranged, many students gave feedback on the two days induction program.