1. To create research awareness amongst faculty members and students.
2. To facilitate mutual cooperation between researchers for interdisciplinary research.
3. To establish a forward and backward linkage among different sectors like Industry, R and D organizations, foreign
universities and apex bodies.



1. To organize various events like national and international conferences, workshops on research methodology and patents, symposia, guest lectures in order to achieve the said aim of enhancing the research awareness.
2. To have faster collaboration and interaction with researchers working on disciplinary and interdisciplinary research.
3. To encourage each faculty member for research proposal writing and to participate in R and D activities leading to Doctoral degree.


Research and Development Activities

1. Organizing guest lectures to be delivered by eminent researchers from industry and academia.
2. Deputing faculty members for higher studies and collaborative research to National and International institutes.
3. Extending opportunities to students doing their projects to participate in various projects funded and sponsored by the various apex bodies and organizations like UGC, CSIR, DRDO, etc.
4. Organizing paper presentation contest for students at national level.
5. Organizing various extra and co-curricular activities for students and faculty members from time to time.