Industry Institute Interaction-Meet 2016


III MEET organized on 27th August 2016, on this august gathering Mr. Sachidanand Kulkarni ( VP- HR & Culture, Webonise Labs, Pune), Mr. Kaustubh Bhadbhade (Sr. Mgr, Persistent Systems, Pune), Mr. Nitin Kale (VP- Accounts & Finance, JSW Steel Coated Products Ltd, Mumbai), Mr. Anand Manjerkhede( President of ECPA Nagpur), Mr. Ved Jahagirdar (Project Co-ordinator, Skoda Auto India Pvt. Ltd, Aurangabad),Mr. Nikhil Patil(HR Partner- Recruitment, Tieto India, Pune), Chairman of LPHGPSS Hon. Dnyaneshwarji Dada Patil, Principal of Mauli College Dr. C. M. Jadhao were the members on dais. Training & Placement Officer Mr. Tushar Badhe & TPO’s from nearly all Engineering Colleges of Nagpur & Amravati region were present for the ceremony.


Chairman LPHGPSS: Hon. Dnyaneshwarji Dada Patil, Chairman LPHGPSS, said what is the “vision of the institute for students”, Institute is focusing on overall development of students, engineers should not only prepare themselves for companies but they should be prepared themselves for becoming entrepreneur someday. The overall development of individual and society is possible by being entrepreneur. He expressed expectations from industry too.


Principal MGICOET: Dr. C. M. Jadhao, Principal of Mauli College, elaborated the vision and focus of this HR meet. The vision behind the III meet was to know the factors which are creating gap between industry and institute. The steps taken by college for reducing the gap between industry and Institute was also highlighted by the Principal.


Mr. Sachidanand Kulkarni: Mr. Sachidanand Kulkarni (VP- HR & Culture, Webonise Labs, Pune) has focused on Industry Expectations from Engineering Graduates. According to present scenario, the number of unskilled engineers are quite large compared to skilled one. So we should focus on improving the skillset according to the need of industry. He has also offered projects opportunities to students for using their knowledge & skills.


Mr. Kaustubh Bhadbhade: Mr. Kaustubh Bhadbhade (Sr. Mgr, Persistent Systems, Pune) had given emphasis on an Enhancement of employability of Engineering Graduates, he has also explained the importance of reading and learning basics. HE suggested to start the mentor schemes for betterment of their overall development.


Mr. Nitin Kale: Mr. Nitin Kale (VP- Accounts & Finance, JSW Steel Coated Products Ltd, Mumbai), expressed how the university syllabus and company selection requirements are perfectly balanced, the basics of all subjects are equally important and students should stop worrying about the drift between institute and industry.


Mr. Ved Jahagirdar: Mr. Ved Jahagirdar (Project Co-ordinator, Skoda Auto India Pvt. Ltd, Aurangabad), said there are many opportunities for mechanical engineers. He has focused on the development of mechanical engineers. He also shared his learning experiences during his initial phase of job. If you are ready to work hard at the start then you will achieve success soon.


Mr. Nikhil Patil: Mr. Nikhil Patil (HR Partner- Recruitment, Tieto India, Pune ), has given a presentation on Campus to corporate. In his presentation he focused on how campus and corporate are two different world, his emphasis was on building the interpersonal skills and improving analytical skills.