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Talent Hunt

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1st Prize Rs. 2000/- 2nd Prize Rs. 1500/- Fees: Rs. 50/- per participant (Max 2 in group)

Eligibility Criteria:

The contest is open for B.E/B. Tech and Polytechnic level students.


  • Let your intellect shine, let the rolling of brain race with every passing of minute.
  • The purpose of quiz contest is to provide a different knowledge feed beyond academics.


Judging Criteria:

    1st round: Aptitude Test


  • This round is optional and is taken if the number of entries exceeds than the required.
  • An aptitude test will consist of total 20 questions with options having one mark for each.
  • The questions will be of general knowledge and logical reasoning with a time limit of 15 minutes.
  • No negative marking in this round.
  • One of the participants of the group has to appear for this aptitude test and those who qualify will be able to appear for the second round with his/her group member.

    2nd round: Rapid fire round


    1. 5 questions will be asked to each team. Each question carries 10 marks.
    2. The team should answer all the questions within 2 minutes.
    3. If the team is unable to cover all the questions within a prescribed time then remaining questions will be skipped.
    4. Selected teams will be eligible for next round.
    5. All questions shall be provided without options.
    1. No negative marking in this round.


    3rd Round: Option round


    1. The Contest question shall be provided with options. The Contestant is required to select only one option.
    2. 5 questions based on general knowledge will be asked to each team.
    3. Each question carries 10 marks.  Total time is 30 seconds per question.
    4. Negative marking in this round. If the answer is wrong 5 marks per question will be reduced from that team.


    4th Round: Surprise Round


    1. The rules and details shall be provided at the time of round only.

    General Guideline :

    • Mobile phone is strictly prohibited
    • All the rights are reserved with IGNITE 2020 event committee.

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Rules & Regulations

  • Only team entries are allowed. A team shall consist of maximum of two members.
  • The participants shall not be allowed to use mobile or other electronic instruments.
  • Decisions of the judges are final. The official declaration of the outcome of the match is irrevocable. A game shall not be replayed, even if the outcome could have been altered by judgment errors.
  • Substitutions are forbidden during the contest.
  • If an answer be interjected from the audience, the question may be discarded at the official's discretion.

Faculty coordinator: Prof. K.S. Bhoyar (8888822901)
Student coordinator: Aishwarya Karande - 8999023031 & Kajal Kasab - 869883681

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