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Robo Race

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1st Prize Rs. 3000/- 2nd Prize Rs. 2000/-
Fees: Rs. 100/- per participant(Maximum 3 participants in team)

Eligibility Criteria:

Students must be from polytechnic (Pre & final)/BE (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th) from any branch


Each generation is faster than their older ones. Welcome to the new generation of robo racing, where the robots race against time to aim for the gold! Maintaining speed against time, overcoming the obstacles, racing over steep inclines and getting up after falling, these robots have to prove it all. So, gear up for the thrilling, nail biting event, “The robo race”.




1. The team with minimum time reaches to the next round.
2. The next round would include a selected number of teams on the basis of their       
rankings decided in the previous round.
3. In case of any tie, a common task would be given on the spot to both the teams &  
winner would be decided on the basis of best timing in that task.


(2) FINALS -

1. The team completing the track in minimum time will be winner.

Note: -

Rules for next round will be announced on spot at the end of previous round.

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Rules & Regulations

  • Robot should be as per the given specifications.
  • The robot should not damage the arena.
  • No team should make use of any offensive techniques like fire or chemical means.
  • The robot must not leave behind any of its parts during the run; else it will result in disqualification.
  • Two hand touches are allowed for qualification with penalty of 10 sec. each and 1 hurdle skips are allowed for each skip with penalty of 30 sec. All penalties will be added in time of completion of round.

  • Robot Specifications:

  • Robot should fit into a box of maximum (30cm * 30cm * 30cm) (L * B * H). It must not exceed beyond the given size.
  • Bot should be wired or wireless.
  • Maximum weight of BOT must be 3kg (including battery weight if wireless).
  • The wires should be properly insulated.
  • The length of the wire (for wired bots) should be long enough to cover the whole track (around 15m or more) and the wire should remain slack during the complete run.
  • Wireless bots will be preferred as it would reduce wire entanglement.
  • If the wire gets entangled, coordinators decision would be final and no negotiations will be entertained.
  • The maximum voltage limit set is 24V DC.
  • At any point of the run, the voltage should not exceed 24V, failing to which, the bot shall be disqualified instantly.
  • In case the machine is using a non-electric power supply, kindly get it approved from the organizers before. Organizers are not responsible for inconvenience if approval is not sought.
  • Any mechanism if used must be informed to the organizers beforehand.
  • Readymade toy cars are not allowed.

Faculty coordinator: Prof. K. S. Bhoyar (8888822901)
Student coordinator: Shweta Pote (9370996618) & Renuka Wagh (8080097208)

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