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Paper Presentation

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1st Prize Rs.1500/-
2nd Prize Rs. 1000/- (Branch wise)

Eligibility Criteria:

The contest is open for B.E/B.Tech and Polytechnic level students.


Paper presentation is an individual competition where each participant is required to make a paper about a given topic or area, and then present it in front of the juries.


To enhance participant’s ability in Writing or making papers in English as well as to present it, and also to broaden the mind of the participants.

Team Formation:

1. Team can have maximum of 3 participants from B.Tech/B. E/ Diploma.
2. No participants can be part of more than one team.
3. It is not necessary that the participants forming a team should be from the same college.
4. There is no restriction on the number of teams from the same college.

Presentation Rules:

1. The paper submitted will have to be presented during the event.
2. Hard copies of the same are to be submitted before presentation to Judges.
3. The Teams will get 8 minutes to present their paper. And 2 minutes will be for questioning by judges.
4. The participants will have to present their papers in MS-Power Point (ppt) format only.
5. Violation of any rule can result in rejection of paper.
6. The organizers reserve the right to change/update the rules of the contest at any point of time and will do their best to inform to participants of the same. However, it is ultimately the responsibility of the teams to keep themselves updated.

Paper Format Rules:

The paper should be in IEEE format.
1. Abstract may not exceed the limit of two Pages.
2. The front page should have title of paper on the top and the details of the team members at the bottom. (As mentioned in abstract)
3. It should have abstract attached.
4. Font style for text: Times New Roman.
5. Font size for text: 12 points.
6. Font size for headings: 16 points.
7. Font size for sub-headings: 14 points.
8. Margin of 1 inches from all sides.

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Rules & Regulations

  • Your work should be original and in the specified format.
  • Interested candidates are advised to mail the complete paper in IEEE format and presentation in .PPT or .PPTX format.
  • The competition is open to all Engineering /Diploma students.
  • Students are requested to send their papers on

  • The participants of shortlisted candidates will be informed by E-Mail ID or by Mobile.
  • The selected teams have to bring a soft copy of paper in CD/USB Device and 2 hard copies of paper at the time of presentation.
  • Decision of the judges and the event heads shall be treated as final and binding on all and cannot be contested.
  • Directly copying from the Internet is strongly discouraged and will not be entertained.
  • All the candidates will get participation certificates.
  • If any outstation candidates are participating and are selected as Winners for First day of Event, they will be provided with free accommodation in college premises for second day, if they require.
  • The participants should come with their college ID Card.
  • Spot Entries are also accepted.
  • For any clarification or further details the interested candidates can contact the Faculty or Student coordinators.
  • Jury decision will be final decision.
  • All the rights are reserved with IGNITE 2023 event committee.
  • Please mention your discipline/branch in which you will be presenting your paper on above the paper submitted in the given mail.

Faculty coordinator:
  • 1.Prof. Gajanan Shelke (Civil) Mobile no. 9975867644
  • 2. Prof. Juned Shaikh (CSE) Mobile no.9749757677
  • 3. Prof. Chetana Bhagat (Mechanical ) Mobile no. 7887621036
  • 4. Prof. Shubhangi Lonagare (ENTC) Mobile no. 8855062267
  • 5. Prof. Abhijit Padol (Electrical) Mobile no. 7020734482

  • Student coordinator:
  • 1. Mayuri Shinde Mobile no. 8767593634
  • 2. Suryaprakash Arbat Mobile no. 7498514797
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