The institute obtains feedback in the structured formats from all the stakeholders. The institute has developed a closed-loop feedback system for the same with the objective to enrich the curriculum and to improve the teaching-learning processes. All the feedbacks received are analyzed scientifically and the summary reports are prepared to draw the conclusions. The reports are presented to executing authority of the institute and action taken reports are prepared. The feedback report and the concrete suggestions on the curriculum are forwarded to University through Board of Studies Member (BOS) for revising syllabus. Apart from this, all the departments conduct the Course Exit Survey and Programme Exit Survey to assess the attainment of all the Courses and Programme. Students are requested to log-on to Moodle for these online surveys.



The institute considers the feedback received from the students is crucial to improve the teaching-learning process. It identifies the gap between the action plan prepared by the faculty members, delivery of curriculum and what is needed by the students. In view of this, all the departments obtain a feedback on all the courses from students at the end of the semester, covering all aspects of the curriculum including both theory and practical courses.


Students are requested to submit your valuable feedback on curriculum. Please click on the following link provided.


Student Feedback form (pdf) Student Feedback (Online submission)


Analysis and Action taken Report




The institute collects feedback from the parents with the objective to know about institute’s academic and administrative progress. Usually, these feedbacks are collected in annual parents meeting or at the end of academic year on the regular basis. The institute has also developed mechanism for the parents to get connected with the institute through the class counselors for monitoring the progress of their wards effectively. The institute seeks feedback from parents for further improvements in teaching-learning and administrative practices.


All the parents are requested to submit your valuable feedback on curriculum. Please click on the following link.


Parents Feedback form (pdf) Parents Feedback (Online submission)


Analysis and Action taken Report



Alumni of the institute are requested to give feedback and valuable suggestions on the curriculum which you learned based on the experiences gained while working in the industry. We know your feedback would contribute significantly in the process of development of the institution. Alumni of the institute can submit the feedback formally during the Alumni meet or can submit it online through following link at any point of time.


Alumni Feedback form (pdf) Alumni Feedback (Online submission)


Analysis and Action taken Report




The employer’s feedback is used to identify the areas for the improvements and the gap between the curriculum delivered in the institute and the requirements of the industry. The institute always maintains a continuous dialogue with industry and obtains feedback from them informally which contributes to enrichment of the curriculum.  The T & P department of the institute collects and analyze feedbacks received from the employers. The institute takes appropriate actions on the feedback report. 


In order to prepare the students ready for employment, curriculum should be designed accordingly. To support this aim, we request our employers to spare your valuable time to fill up this feedback form which will help us to maintain the required standards of the academics. Employers can submit the feedback online through following link.


Employers Feedback form (pdf) Employers Feedback (Online submission)


Analysis and Action taken Report





All the faculty members of the institute are requested to submit the feedback on the curriculum of each course taken by you at the end of the semester. These feedbacks would be useful for enriching the curriculum.


Teachers Feedback form (pdf) Teachers Feedback (Online submission)


Analysis and Action taken Report



All the students are requested to give your honest feedback on the teaching performance of the faculty members for all the courses. Students are assured that the complete anonymity is maintained in the process and your responses would not affect the grades of the internal assessment. Your feedback is important for the continuous improvement in teaching-learning process.


Students can log-on to Moodle page of the institute for submitting the feedback.


Student Feedback on Teaching (pdf) Analysis and Action taken Report